Feminism vs Man-Haters

When I was little, I hated being female. It meant that I had to ONLY love princesses and tea parties. Basically, everything I like doing was/is frowned upon because I am female. Techies are typically male. I made a predominantly male-casted play this semester. Most of my friends are male or “tomboys”. There was a time I wanted to be feminist, but there was a misconception when I first heard of it. Feminism sounded like a group solely based on the fact that they didn’t like men. I didn’t want to join that group because my friends are male. I love men.
As I grew, I was scared that I was starting to dislike the opposite gender because they didn’t understand female problems and poked fun at me, and I was starting to feel the need to defend my gender. But I realized somewhere along the line that not all feminists are trying to show hatred for the male population.
The “feminism” that is shown by some people is an unhealthy misandrist attitude. Feminism is all about wanting equal rights for everyone. There is no hatred. Hating other people never solves anything. So yes, I claim to be a feminist, in hopes that people will not continue to have the misunderstanding that comes with the territory.